Canadian Pharmacy Conference 2020 – Lift Your Pharma Business to a New Higher Level!

Canadian Pharmacy Conference 2020 (CPC) is the event organized by the Canadian Pharmacists Association for the participants of the national pharma market and devoted to its development. It will be held on October 23–24 in Ottawa.

Pharmacy Conference 2020

CPC 2020 is the new kind of a pharma conference. The organizers have made a survey of similar events that are regularly conducted in Canada and have selected the best ideas and achievements. But they have decided to apply an absolutely new approach to provide participants with new unique opportunities.

CPC 2020 is the event that offers everything that you may expect from such a conference: educational opportunities, innovative ideas, inspiration, networking.

First of all, this conference is organized for those, who want to improve their level of proficiency. It is the place, where you can adopt the best practices of the colleagues, who can boast extensive experience of working in this sphere.

In addition, during this event you will get the chance to learn about all the latest industry news and innovations. Keep in mind that the pharma business is rapidly developing, so, if you want to succeed in it, you should constantly monitor the situation.

Sure, to become the leader of the market, you need to be highly motivated as well, and the speeches of industry giants are a well-tried source of inspiration. No doubt, on your way to success you will face numerous challenges, difficulties and even failures, and the right words at the right moment can help you overcome them and continue climbing to the top.

CPC 2020 will gather both beginners and market leaders, so that they can get in touch with each other, establish relations and make their businesses work better. There, you will meet manufacturers, supplier agents, pharmacists and other pharma professionals from every corner of the country. So, we can justly claim that it is the good opportunity for networking for any participant of the market, regardless of his experience or position.

So, save the date and join your colleagues and partners at Canadian Pharmacy Conference 2020!