Answers To Your Most Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy medications at Canadian Pharmacy Mall?

Yes. The well-being of customers is the top priority of, so, we offer medicines produced by reliable and reputable manufacturers only, as well as constantly monitor their quality and safety.

Why are medications so cheap at your pharmacy?

First of all, due to the governmental regulation, in Canada drug prices are much lower than in many other countries, including the USA. Besides, running an online drugstore requires fewer expenses. And, more to the point, we have already been operating in the market for several years, so, we have already managed to establish partnerships with a wide range of pharma companies. As a result, we have got an opportunity to obtain additional discounts and bonuses for our customers.

Do I need a prescription to make a purchase at your pharmacy?

Sure, you need it, if you want to buy a prescription medication. The point is that such products can have numerous contraindications, as well as cause serious adverse side effects and drug interactions, that is why doctors insists that patients should not use them at their own disposal.

Still, if you cannot get a prescription from your doctor, you can receive it online. Our licensed pharmacists will be able to give it to you after you fill in a special questionnaire. Please, be sure to provide all the required information about your health.

Do you ship medications to my country?

Yes, our company operates worldwide.

Can I use your online pharmacy if I live in the USA?

Yes, you can. Although the importation of medicines has not been legalized in the USA yet, according to the current policy of the FDA, those Americans, who buy medicines abroad for personal use only, are not prosecuted. In the first place, the Administration focuses on those, who buy medicines abroad in order to resell them in the US territory.

What if I have not received the order in time?

In such a case, please, contact our support team (see the page “Contact Us”).

Will you send me the tracking number?

Sure, if the delivery service chosen presupposes that.

Can I pay for medicines online?

Yes. You will be offered such an option within the ordering procedure.

Can I return the product?

Yes, if that is allowed by the law. Sure, if there are any quality issues, you can safely count on the refund. Please, turn to our support team before sending back any products.

Can I have a consultation with a pharmacist?

Sure. There are licensed pharmacists in our team. And they are at your service 24/7. You can contact them via the online form (see the page “Contact Us”).

What if I cannot find the medication needed on your website?

Please, turn to our support team. They will make every effort to help you.

What for do you need my personal information?

We need it for shipping purposes.

Will you share my personal data with any other companies?

We do not share the personal information provided by our customers with any third parties, unless it is specified in our privacy policy. You can be sure that your personal data are effectively protected.

Do you use cookies?

Yes. We need them to improve our platform and to provide you with better services. But cookies are not used to collect any personal information.

What if I have lost my password?

When you try to sign in, you will see the button “Forgotten password?”, please, click on it. If you face any difficulties, feel free to contact the support team.