General Privacy Policy of the Company

Statement of Purpose

The main goal of Privacy Policy is to clearly specify full commitment to protect private information maintained, stored and/or generated by the company.

Current Privacy Policy covers all private information being used, collected, and disclosed by “Canadian Pharmacy Mall” company and is related to its operations, as well as company’s members, employees, and other individuals with whom the company is dealing due to business. This type of information is subject to transmission via electronic means communications (e.g. website, email, social media etc.), written or verbal forms. Personal information includes all data related to particular individual and contains details, such as date of birth, name, phone number, residential address, email address or any other individual info (e.g. individual registrar account numbers, social insurance number etc.). The following are not related to personal information: business address, job titles, work email address, business phone/fax number and others.

Canadian Pharmacy Mall maintains the right to alter current policy. Besides that, current policy may be updated on periodic basis. The changes may impact the personal information usage. Hence, it is highly advised to check for any changes on a regular basis.

Privacy policy practices of company

CPM company remains the sole owner of all the collected information via electronic means of communications (e.g. website, email, social media etc.), written correspondence or verbal sharing. The company is able to collect only the information that has voluntarily been shared by user. The company has no right to share, sell or use this type of information to outsource to any third party.

Your information will only be used to contact you back, answer your request or to share the information related to services or programs offered by us or information that is interesting to you. Unless user specifies otherwise, the company maintains the right contact user via email to share updates regarding services or programs.

User’s Control and Access to Information

User maintains the right to opt out from any contact with company at any time. User can get in touch with the company via the email or phone number available at the official website in order to get a confirmation regarding data that company has about the user; perform changes or corrections of any data available about user; ask company to remove any data about the user; share any concerns about personal data use.


Our company takes specific precautions to keep all your information safe at all times. Only specific staff who requires the information to complete a certain job (e.g. decisions scheduling) can be granted an access to personally identifiable information of the user. All the computers and/or servers as well as any paper copies of personally identifiable information are kept in a completely secure environment at all times. The company takes security of its users very seriously and puts maximum effort in order to maintain trustworthiness and safety of its customers at the highest level possible. All new methods of maximum-security provision are being continuously studies and included to ensure a completely safe environment.