Prescription Policy for Purchasing Products

Canadian Pharmacy Mall offers high-quality prescription services, such as PBS and private prescriptions. Take note that upon purchasing a Prescription Medication customer is required to post the original prescription provided by doctor as a proof.

Based on Canadian regulations, CPM is able to provide prescription medications with original receipts. All prescriptions are to be mailed to CPM ( in order for the company to proceed with dispensing of customer’s requested medicine. Hence, after placing an online order, customer is required to mail the prescription to the company.

Based on Canadian health system, customers are provided with option to pay various prices for prescriptions. The price depends on respective entitlements. Every prescription available at CPM website has its own various prices. The price categories include the following: Federal Public Drug Benefit Program, Private, and Concession. It is important to understand each price category in order to be able to differentiate among them and know, which one you are entitled for. It will smoothen the purchase of online medications from Canadian Pharmacy Mall.


Prescriptions that are not included in the Federal Public Drug Benefit Program are going to be available at Private price only. Besides that, all customers who do not hold a medical care card or who are not eligible for insurance, will be required to still proceed with Private price option. Receipts are required to be kept, so that the customer can claim a rebate, if eligible.


Concession scheme is available for pensioners, special health care scheme members, veterans’ affairs and others. These card holders are subject to pay a fixed price for majority of prescriptions.

Making Repeated Orders

Customer is required to indicate during order process whether he/she prefers CPM to keep repeated prescriptions. By doing so, a lot of time will be saved in future, as customer will only be required to make a call or simply email to the company whenever the particular order is required to be repeated. Customer can share his scripts to ensure the entitlement remains up to date and to avoid any accidental overpayment.