Customer Safety Provision: Guiding Rules

In Canadian Pharmacy Mall (CPM), team focuses on diligent work to put its customers as the main priority in everything they do. The well-being and safety of customers is the core of company’s business. Numerous media coverage as well as surveys studying public opinion have identified what majority of customers expect from online pharmacies and have shaped the mission of CPM to re-shift the focus on continuous improvement of customers’ safety. One of our company’s key strategy is prevention of adverse reactions of drugs, which is reflected in our policy official statement. We strive to maintain public trust through demonstration of our commitment to improvement of customer safety with actual actions.

Our company’s staff do their best to explore contemporary challenges as well as opportunities to deliver the promise and maintain customer safety and care at desired level. CPM acknowledges the contribution from experts and professionals, whose hard work has been used to enhance the quality of provided services and overall level of customers safety.

All staff from our company aspire to maintain high standard of practice at all times, i.e. excellence in customer care and continuous improvement in customer safety. All that requires a fundamental commitment to develop a proper customer safety culture at all levels of organization. Hereby, shared values, assumptions, beliefs have to be properly shaped and company’s day-to-day operations should be influenced by those structures, policies, supports and resources. The abovementioned factor in combination with individual accountability and responsibility have ultimate and direct impact on customer safety.

Customer-Centred Care

These are key focus areas in mission that Pharmacy Mall has developed and maintains every day.

Customer-Centred Care:

  • Complete and continuous engagement with every customer and provision of undivided attention;
  • Continuous collaboration with customers, as well as their families, and other providers of healthcare in order to assist patients in health optimization;
  • Support of customer engagement through inspiration of customers to develop an interest in self-care and proactive disease management;
  • Empowerment of customers to make own decisions related to their health and wellbeing.

Diligence and Consistency in Practice:

  • Continuous diligence in practice through persistence and sustained efforts to address the correct questions and understand the actual needs of all customers, in order to be able to provide fit-for-purpose services, which improve overall health;
  • Constant contact with the latest knowledge and technologies to be able to provide the best care to each customer by using clinical judgment and decision-making;
  • Consistency in practice through application of necessary processes and systems specifically designed for maximum customer safety (inclusive of workflow management and staff training).

Build Trustworthy Relationships:

  • Trustworthy professional relationships with all customers through display of being professional, personable, accessible, available, discreet and respectful.

Accountability Culture:

  • Acceptance of responsibility for all segments of pharmaceutical care, inclusive of errors;
  • In case of error, company shows immediate response to maintain customer’s safety. Assessment of the situation is carried out to define the best course of action to support the customer;
  • Support a non-punitive culture in order to encourage all personnel to be diligent and confident in doing their work;
  • Understanding of a combination of system and human factors, which may result in errors, and complete dedication to investigate, analyse and prevent errors from occurring in future.

Complete Integrity:

  • Strong belief in integrity and honesty to always maintain the level of professionalism high;
  • Belief in doing the correct thing and prioritizing patients’ needs over any financial goals;
  • Demonstration of leadership in proper attitude to develop the customer safety culture.

Transparency in Communications:

  • Commitment to speak up whenever customer’s safety is in danger;
  • Strong believe in transparent, honest and direct communication manner with customers, their families, pharmacy staff, as well as other healthcare providers in order to develop common understanding and improve customer safety.
  • Complete disclosure of any occurred errors to achieve the culture of safety and quality.

Continuous Quality Improvement:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement of quality through proper documentation, analysis and sharing the lessons learned based on all encountered errors to encourage prevention;
  • Application of proven workflows and frameworks for identification of potential areas for system improvement;
  • Continuous collaboration with organizations dealing with customers safety to acquire best practices in customer safety and successfully implement them.