Why Do Canadian Pharmacies Offer Wellness Products As Well?

The recent boom of online pharmacies and drugstores lead to a logical question that many customers tend to ask: what is the range of products there? Is it possible to shop medications only or any online Canadian pharmacy can also sell wellness products and supplements?

Wellness Products

In this article, we are going to answer the questions mentioned above, and also answer questions on how to find out if the seller is legit and if the drugs are safe to buy there. To put it in brief, we will help you choose a trusted Canadian pharmacy and receive genuine quality products at a lucrative price.

What do Canadian Pharmacies usually sell?

Let’s start with the range of products available for sale at the online pharmacy in Canada. Usually, there are:

  • Over-the-counter medications: like pain-relief pills, anti-allergic, anti-viral, first-line antibiotics, skincare, eye care, and other medications.
  • Under-the-counter (prescription) medications: like antibiotics, anti-cancer, diabetes medications, erectile dysfunction drugs, medications for females, cardiovascular disease treatment options, and more.
  • Supplements and wellness products: vitamins and minerals, omega-3, supplements for weight loss, giving up smoking, improving the condition of hair, nails, and skin, energy boosters, and others.

This way, it’s natural that Canadian pharmacy offers wellness products as well. Why do they include such types of products in their range for sale? The answer is simple: prevention is always cheaper than treatment. It means, by taking care of your health, timely checkups at the doctor, and looking for high-quality wellness pills and supplements, people can reduce the necessity in further treatment and increase the quality of life.

Wellness products are aimed at improving the overall body functioning: from supporting the work of internal organs, cleansing and normalizing the balance to preventing future problems. This is why many pharmacies offer herbal and natural supplements for people, who care about their health.

The following question is predictable.

How to choose a reliable online Canadian pharmacy to shop the wellness products at?

Here are a couple of valuable tips to follow if you want to avoid scam pharmacies and get only top-quality medications and wellness products:

Rule #1: Aware of suspicious offers like “90% discounts” or super cheap prices.

It’s simply too good to be true. Reliable pharmacies have quite serious basic costs because they shop at trusted pharmaceutical companies, this is why a pack of Viagra (100 pills) just can’t cost 20 dollars. Online pharmacies usually do sell medications cheaper than in brick-and-mortar pharmacies at your place, indeed. But when the price is enormously low and the offer seems fantastic — beware of all that. Most likely it is a scam.

Rule #2: Check for certificates, seals, and other documents that confirm correspondence with international standards, FDA approval, and so on.

Reliable pharmacies always mention there quality certificates and care about there reputation. If the pharmacist is not able to answer your questions about drug origin or certification, most likely this pharmacy is rogue. If you have doubts, don’t hesitate to ask additional questions.

Rule #3: Examine the website you shop at.

A good sign is having the “pharmacy” word in the title or in the address bar, noticing the https protocol, and visiting the site in the top Google search results. The Canadian pharmacy matches these parameters in full.

Rule #4: Make sure they ship to the US and are legible for doing it.

It’s a good sign when the pharmacy is located in the US or in Canada (in North America), while in most cases, it means the company is certified by FDA, CIPA, and local healthcare organizations and supplies high-quality medications and wellness supplements.

Rule #5: There should be a competent pharmacist working for the organization.

Trustworthy Canadian pharmacies take care about the quality of the services they provide, so they hire a pharmacist (or even a team of them) with the proper college or university degree. This employee can consult customers online, make valuable recommendations, and can analyze the prescription and advise on the dosages, intake schedule, and most successful combinations with other products.

If you have found a reliable Canadian pharmacy you always shop at — we suggest that you stick to it. Getting acquainted with a qualified pharmacist, receiving drugs of great quality, and considering it a good deal are great signs that your pharmacy is good.